Hi, I'm Morgan Reece
Recovering Perfectionist

After decades on a hamster wheel of my own invention, I'm finally ready to quit obsessing and start living.

How about you? 

Welcome to A Smarter Mom

I love connecting busy moms with biblical, common-sense resources to simplify and resolve daily cares... and cheering them on in the process.

I started this blog to help you find simple solutions to the challenges of life.

I'm on my own journey to becoming A Smarter Mom, which I define as:

S: Sober, Spiritual, and Success-Minded - keeping an eternal perspective, and believing the promise of Matthew 6:33 -- Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all "these things" (whatever you truly need) will be added unto you.

M: Mothering Well - from pregnancy to the empty nest, making wise choices for the benefit of my children.

A: Analytical - troubleshooting how to avoid unnecessary illness and surgery (e.g. Chronic Fatigue, Candida, Heavy Metal Toxicity, C-sections & back surgery and more).

R: Romance & Respect - loving my husband in "his language."

T: Time Management - simplifying daily cares to make time for loving God and the people He has allowed in my life.

E: Entrepeneurship - producing something truly valuable to others. So far this includes blogging, online sales with Amazon and eBay, and books.

R: Rest & Relaxation - learning to accept my messy life and rest in God's care.

Moms are more stressed out than ever before and it's taking a toll on their health, their relationships and their happiness.
                                                                                                   ~ Fox News

My Mission

After a crisis of sorts in my own life, I saw with great clarity three goals that God has for women like me:

1. That we would "enter into rest" that is offered in Jesus Christ;

2. That we would enjoy abundant LIFE instead of obsessing over unfinished laundry while missing out on these fleeting moments when precious souls share our homes;

3. That we might fully develop the gifts and potential God has placed within each of us.

It's a journey I'm just beginning. But my hope is that my work here will save you time, help you gain some clarity, and encourage you to keep running your race.

Join the Adventure

I am blessed to share my work with a wide range of people: homeschoolers and empty nesters, teachers, entrepeneurs, and many others.

My readers aspire to balance biblical priorities, common sense, and scientific research in a quest for deeper relationships, success in business, and greater health.

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