Why You Must Never Quit

Persistence always inspires. Thank you, Mandy Harvey. Singer, yes. Deaf, yes. Quitter, no.

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How to Survive a Very Bad Day: 13 Steps to Overcome Despair

Simple Steps to Overcome Depression on a Very Bad Day

Bad days. Those who struggle with depression face them more often, perhaps, but we’ve all had them. We may even go through seasons when it seems like that’s all we have. How do you keep going… better yet, how do you hit the reset button, and turn all that yucky into grace? Here are some […]

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A solar eclipse illustrates the hidden gospel.

Total Solar Eclipse Lesson: The Hidden Gospel

How the Eclipse illustrates my spiritual journey. Where were you during the Total Solar Eclipse? Did you learn anything from it? The Bible tells us that, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor […]

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My Amazon Shipping Process

A friend asked about shipping to Amazon. This can be very overwhelming for the newbie Amazon FBA seller. Having a system to go through has helped me make fewer errors and reduced stress. (A Smarter Mom is very much about lowering stress!) My basic shipping process is: 0. Prepare individual items. Before even starting the […]

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Hazmat Saga: Amazon Tips For Selling in Babies or Toys

My hazmat saga continues (a cautionary tale): (Note: Those who have PPI will recognize that much of this boils down to me taking unrestrained action on a certain comment in a podcast, without properly following the steps of PPI. So, don’t just buy the course. Follow it!) 1. I tried sending in bundles 3 weeks […]

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A Smarter Mom Lowers Stress With Grounding

Stressed? Try Grounding for Relief!

So you know about grounding, right? Some people call it earthing. It’s what I have to do on days like today, when I have spent too much time on the computer. Why I Needed Grounding (Earthing) Today Last week I was excited to be published on Unveiled Wife. But then a sort of panic set […]

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Marriage Advice 101: Bless Your Husband

Do you ever feel like, no matter how hard you try, it seems like you just can’t be a good wife and mom? I’ve felt that way… for years. Then one day I finally dug out notes of marriage advice that I had been carrying around inside my Bible cover for decades. This marriage advice comes […]

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Self-Publishing by A Smarter Mom

Self-Publishing Takes Forever! Here’s Why.

Self-publishing a real book involves a lot more work than the paperback I produced for Mom’s birthday last year. Who knew? After spending weeks designing “a look inside that sells” to upgrade the paperback, I decided to rework the manuscript. There was so much I’d left out because of the deadline, and I wanted to […]

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How to Make Praise a Habit

God speaking to me, 1/13/17: Leah was buried in a place of honor (Genesis 49:31). Perhaps the passage I read today in Genesis 29 reveals a glimpse of how God molded her character such that her husband would honor her in the end, though their marriage was unfavorable in the beginning (to say the least!): […]

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Does Compulsive Eating Mean You’re Not Saved?

I am a member of a Facebook Christian weight-loss group. A friend there wrote, “I really struggle with whether or not I am saved,  because I don’t see fruit, and I am still struggling with the same sins.” This was my response: Hebrews 12:1–3 mentions “the sin which doth so easily beset us.” We all […]

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