A Smarter Mom Defined

So, what is A Smarter Mom? It's not an event, but a journey. It's about becoming S.M.A.R.T.E.R. (like the woman described in Titus 2:3-5), which I define as:

S: Spiritual and Success-Minded - "as becometh holiness"... a Smarter Mom keeps an eternal perspective; she believes the promise of Matthew 6:33 ("Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things [whatever you truly need] will be added unto you.") In a nutshell, get closer to God as you find out what He says about you.

M: Managing Well - "keepers at home"... A Smarter Mom orders her responsibilities so they are organized and balanced (whether she works outside the home or not). She does this by simplifying daily cares to make time for loving God and the people He has allowed in her life. Let me help you be more productive.

A: Analytical - "discreet"... Webster's 1828 defines this as: "prudent; selecting the best means to accomplish a purpose." A Smarter Mom troubleshoots how to avoid unnecessary illness and surgery (e.g. Chronic Fatigue, Candida, Heavy Metal Toxicity, C-sections, back surgery and more). Join me on the journey to get healthier.

R: Relational - "love their husbands... love their children... obedient to their own husbands"... A Smarter Mom is constantly learning to communicate love and respect, and takes action to build deeply satisfying relationships. Build a better marriage, and enjoy motherhood.

T: Temperate - "not given to much wine... chaste"... A Smarter Mom is self-disciplined, in control of physical appetites and her mental/emotional life. Quit binging and beat depression.

E: Entrepeneur - "teachers of good things"... one definition of "good" is: "welfare; prosperity; advancement of interest or happiness." A Smarter Mom learns how to create wealth in a way that leaves time for enjoying life. Make money from home.

R: Relaxed - "sober"... Webster's 1828 again: "having the regular exercise of cool dispassionate reason... calm; not under the influence of passion." A Smarter Mom accepts every messy season of life while resting in God's care. She chooses joy. She also learns to get more rest.

It's a journey I'm taking with you. But my hope is that my work here will save you time, help you gain some clarity, and encourage you to keep running your race.​

Bless the Smarter Way


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